Optima Magnesium Bath Salts

12 February 2020  |  NHP


     Relax and unwind. Replenish and rejuvenate.  Experience Magnesium Bath Salts from Optima.  Rich in essential minerals our magnesium bath salts are composed of 100% magnesium sulfate which promotes muscle relaxation and can improve skin health and remineralisation.  Our naturally processed magnesium bath salts replace the body’s levels of magnesium and provide a relaxing treatment from the comfort of your home.  Restore yourself, naturally.

 • Naturally Processed  

• Remineralising 

  • Soothing  

 • Promotes relaxation 

Magnesium bath salts have an array of beneficial uses and are much more than simply a relaxation tool. As well as restoring the body’s magnesium levels, our bath salts can help ease muscular cramps, can help to ease stress, contributes to decreased inflammation and can also help to improve skin hydration when used as a bath or a foot soak.  Use at home and create your own relaxing, well-being  spa with our naturally-processed magnesium bath salts.