Pharma Nord Training Evening

27 October 2022  |  NHP

How can you manage Chronic pain in a holistic way?


Chronic pain affects almost 28 million UK adults. Meanwhile, the emphasis on a holistic approach tomanaging that pain has increased.

Rather than focusing on a singular approach, evidence is building for the use of lifestyle guidance andnutritional interventions to be included as part of more comprehensive protocols.

In this session, will explore the underlying causes of chronic pain and the evidence behind nutrition andlifestyle interventions to manage these conditions.

By Frank Brogan RNutr. M.Sc. (Senior Nutritionist Pharma Nord)

Tuesday 15th Nov 2022

Afternoon Session 14.00 - 16.00pm
Evening Session 19.00 - 21.00pm (Light Refreshments from 18.30)

Natural Health Products 10 Prince Regent Rd, Belfast  BT5 6QR

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