Hero Shield - Medical Face Shields

10 May 2020  |  NHP

If your business deals with the general public your frontline employees are going to be at an increased risk as they return to work. Maintaining an optimium service means safeguarding key employees against unseen risks.  The HEROSHIELD is a lightweight, low-cost face shield for rapid deployment to  frontline key workers across all disciplines;

• Nurses
• Doctors
• Care Workers
• Social Workers
• Emergency Services
• Delivery Drivers
• Shop Workers
• Hospitality
• Helpers

Ready in Seconds:
HEROSHIELD’s unique design allows anyone to make up a fresh mask straight from the box, without instructions.  The two components simply  slot together, so a new mask can be ready to wear in just a few seconds.

The HEROSHIELD is designed to be used with a suitable facemask to provide added protection against infection from Covid-19, where suitable Medical Grade products are not available.

Tested and certified to PPE Class 1 regulations and CE marked.