Celtic Wind Press Statement

23 January 2020  |  NHP



In response to the BBC 2’s ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’ programme which included an investigation into CBD products by Dr Javid Abdelmoneim on Wednesday 15 January 2020.

We note that the reference regarding the CBD content of our product in this programme is based on research conducted by Professor Jana Hajslova and her team at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague in the Czech Republic.

As stated in the BBC programme ‘a key issue is the lack of internationally recognised, standardised laboratory tests’. Interestingly, in the research study Celtic Wind’s CBD Multi-Complex Hemp Oil was the only one of 12 products tested that was a totally natural, cold-pressed product. It is precisely for this reason it cannot be tested in the same way as other products that are made using Co2 extraction or isolate. It’s like comparing ‘apples and oranges’, the composition and profile of the respective product types are completely different.

Simply put, the methodology required is quite different. According to John Gough, Head Chemist at JHG Analytical Services, says “The method of analysis needs to be correct for the sample being tested. In the case of a whole-plant oil it needs a very specific analysis, much the same as olive oil. It cannot simply be tested in the same way as an extract or isolate product.

We don’t just test once. We test twice. First with JHG Analytical Services in Ireland and then we corroborate our results with another leading laboratory in the field, DB Labs in the US. Again, using the correct testing methodology of analysis for a cold-pressed CBD oil. It is worth noting that both labs work to an internationally recognised IS0 17025, the gold standard for testing CBD in the US and increasingly in Europe.

We are currently in conversation with the BBC regarding the inappropriate testing methodologies used and will continue to champion the cause for more robust testing. Our commitment to producing a quality product with significant CBD levels is unrivalled. With over 10 years’ experience of growing and cultivating hemp CBD here in Ireland, we have developed a unique quality-assurance management system that allows us to control the integrity of our raw material. 

To this end, we believe much more research and development needs to be done in this emerging and fledgling industry. As one of the market leaders in this category, we will continue to champion for more appropriate testing.