Mint Ease Now In Stock!

4 November 2021  |  NHP


Mint-Ease is a natural product, sold without medicinal claims. It contains pure ethereal Mint Oil extracted from the plant Mentha Arvensis.

The oil is refined to obtain a natural purity without the need for additives and has a high menthol content. The result is that you have the ability to soothe particular muscles or joints as and when needed.

Mint-Ease is currently used by a number of rugby teams and professional athletes, including champion triathletes and a World Champion Duathlete!

So wide are the possibilities for its use that, if you enjoy a sport, there’s a good chance it can help you prepare, perform and recover.

Mint-Ease can help at every stage of your exercise; whether your muscles are about to be used or have just been used.


The warm up is one of the most important stages of any exercise. Warming up and stretching is intended to slowly increase the heart rate, to get blood circulating around the body and to the muscles which you will use during exercise. This enables them to perform at their optimum and helps to avoid injury. While using Mint-Ease is no substitute for a thorough warm up, it can help to warm a muscle group or troublesome joint prior to exercise.


Having just worked your muscles you need to help them warm down and recover. To do this they need blood flow, which carries the oxygen, glucose and protein needed for recovery. Increased circulation also helps to remove lactic acid, reducing the likelihood of getting cramp after exercise.

Using Mint-Ease can help your joints and muscles recover from exercise, and help to soothe any soreness, allowing you to train again sooner or enjoy your favourite sport.


If you’ve exercised muscles that haven’t been used in a while, or they’ve been used particularly strenuously, then soreness can last for a few days. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is most prevalent with body builders and gym goers who push their muscles to the limit of their ability, causing micro tears in the muscle fibres. Over the following few days they repair themselves, growing larger and stronger than they were before the workout.

Mint-Ease can help with this longer term recovery from more severe exercise by soothing the muscles and joints which are in need of repair.

The original Teisen Skin Care formula.  A general purpose cream for use on, and to help prevent dry and cracked skin.  

  • Skin Crae with Eucalyptus.

  • For all the family.

  • Moisturising & Antiseptic cream.

  • Concentrated formulation for the home, garden & workplace.

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