A.Vogel Molkosan Fruit 200ml

A.Vogel Molkosan Fruit 200ml

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Molkosan Fruit
Fermented whey with fruit juices and stevia
Contains calcium - contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes

Drink concentrate with fermented whey, aronia berry and pomegranate juice and calcium, with sweetener (stevia).

Molkosan Fruit is a blend of fermented whey, fruit juices an calcium.  Calcium helps support the normal function of the enzymes needed for the normal digestion of food.  Made using whey from fresh Swiss milk, fermented using a special Lactobacillus bacteria that converts the natural milk sugars (lactose) into positive L+lactic acid, calcium and fruit juice from pomegranate and aronia berry.

Nutritional Information:
(Per 20ml)
Energy - 34kJ/8kcal
Fat - <0.1g
of wihch saturated fatty acids - <0.1g
Carbohydrates - <1g
of which sugars - <1.0g
Protein - <0.1g
Salt - 0.05g
Fruit juice concentrates (aronia berry, pomegranate) - 1.19g
L+ lactic acid - 1.4g
Calcium - 120mg

Concentrated whey, fermented, from Swiss milk, rich in positive lactic acid L(+); fruit juice from concentrates (aronia berry, pomegranate) 26%, calcium lactate, natural flavours, potassium citrate, malic acid, preservative (potassium sorbate), sweetener (steviol glycoside). Pasteurised.

Shake bottle well before use.
Add 20ml Molkosan Fruit to a glass of cold spring or mineral water.
Drink daily, for at least 7 days in a row.

Suitable for vegetarians - Vegetarian Society Approved
Lactose Free. Low in Calories.
Refridgerate after opening (5ºC).  Product keeps for 1 month after opening when stored in the fridge.

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