Absolute Aromas Myrrh 5ml

Absolute Aromas Myrrh 5ml

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Method of Extraction:
The resin of the Myrrh tree.

Description:Sweet, smoky, slightly musky aroma. Pale yellow to amber in colour.

Suggested uses:
Place 1 drop each of Myrrh, Benzoin and Lavender in a bowl of boiling water. Drape a towel across your head and shoulders and inhale the vapours for a few minutes.
Try blending 1 drop of Myrrh, 2 drops of Geranium and 1 drop of Peppermint in 10ml of Coconut oil to use as a massage oil on neglected feet.

Myrrh, like Frankincense, is distilled from a resin. It is extremely viscous, and therefore more difficult to use. Absolute Aromas has used a larger dropper for this oil, but with time it may solidify. The only solution is to warm the oil gently in the hands before use, and to be patient!

Did you know?
Myrrh has acquired a reputation as a healer over the centuries and as such can be beneficial when used in inhalations to help ease winter ills

Specific Safety Advice:
Do not use Myrrh during pregnancy.

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