Absolute Aromas Chamomile (Roman) 5ml

Absolute Aromas Chamomile (Roman) 5ml

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Chamomile (Roman)
anthomis nobilus

Method of Extraction:The flowering tops

Sweet, fruity-warm. Pale blue/green in colour.

Suggested uses:
Try blending 4 drops of Chamomile and 4 drops of Lavender in 2 teaspoonfuls of Sunflower oil and adding to a cool bath for dry, sensitive skin, to encourage relaxation or ease general aches & pains.

Incorporate a steam facial into your weekly skincare routine. After cleansing, add 2 drops of Chamomile and 1 drop of Geranium to a bowl of just-boiled water, drape a towel across your head and shoulders, lean over the bowl and allow the vapors to penetrate your skin. Pat your face dry and apply a moisturiser.

Did you know?
This oil is pale blue/green in colour. England is the top source for this wonderful, all-round soothing oil and Absolute Aromas has selected an oil of consistently high quality, grown and distilled in the UK. The small flower heads used are labour-intensive to grow and pick and yield very little essential oil, which explains the high price.

Specific Safety Advice:
Do not use Roman Chamomile at all during early pregnancy and only on specialist advice thereafter.


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