Wild Oregano Oil 100% 10ml

Wild Oregano Oil 100% 10ml

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Wild Oregano oil 100% (10ml)

  • From 100% organic fresh Greek oregano
  • Extremely high concentration in carvacrol (>86%)
  • 100% dry steam distillation

The wild oregano oil 100% is an essential oil from oregano that is organically cultivated in Greece (Origanum vulgare spp. Hirtum) and is distilled exclusively with steam, without the use of solvents or other chemical substances. Due to its high concentration in carvacrol (>85%) and low concentration in thymol (<3%) the oregano essential oil possesses excellent beneficial properties for the human organism.


100% oregano essential oil 
(Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum)
(carvacrol >85%), thymol <3%)


Oral use: 2 to 4 drops daily in a glass of water or juice, directly or after been diluted in vegetable oil.
External use: Do not use it undiluted.  Always Dilute in olive oil or other vegetable oil.  A slight burning sensation is normal.

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