Natural Earcandle Company Natural Earcandles Lavender Rosemary Pair

Natural Earcandle Company Natural Earcandles Lavender Rosemary Pair

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Lavender Rosemary Natural Earcandles
Original & Authentic
Soothing. Calming. Relaxing

Made With:
Certified Organic Essential Oils
100% Pure Natural Materials & Ingredients
Hand Made In Germany

In many regions of the world ear candles are known as a traditional natural remedy. Ear candles were traditionally used as a relaxing application and even today they are becoming more popular in hotels, spas and beauty salons. The relaxing effect of ear candles is a very soothing experience and ensures their growing popularity.
With the stresses of everyday life the ear candle procedure provides a wonderful experience of getting away from it all. We recommend the procedure is carried out either by a family member or trusted person.
For therapeutic applications, we recommend contacting a therapist, naturopath or naturopath oriented doctor.

The treatment should never be carried out on your own. These natural ear candles are intended for use by a second person.
1. Create a relaxed atmosphere, possibly with soft music and essential oils. Ensure there isn't a draught in the room.
2. Lay the patient down on one side in a comfortable position with their head resting on a pillow.
3. Place a bowl of water nearby to extinguish the ear candle at the end of the application, as this does not extinguish itself.
4. Take a comfortable position yourself and light the ear candle at the top (opposite the security filter). Place the candle gently on the ear canal. Hold the ear candle during the entire duration with your hand placed just above the ear.
5. If smoke appears at the lower end of the ear candle, gently press the candle in a bit deeper (ensuring that the patient is comfortable at all times) this will stop air entering the bottom of the candle.
6. After 10 minutes or when the flame reaches the red circle, take the candle from the ear and extinguish the candle in the water bowl.
7. Ask the patient to lie down on the other side and repeat the application in the other ear.
8. We recommend that the patient rests approximately 15 minutes after the treatment is completed in order to obtain maximum benefit. Total body relaxation should be the result.

The application of ear candles is at your own risk; please take care and follow the instructions when providing the application.
Do not use in cases of acute ear inflammation.
Do not use in cases of ear implants.
Caution! Please take proper caution when using ear candles as there is an open flame and smoke.
Please ensure the flame is at a safe distance from other objects.
If necessary tie back hair before treatments.

Our ear candles are made with only natural materials of the highest quality, using organic certified materials where possible. The essential oils used for different aroma ear candles are certified organic and produced in France by classic steam distillation (peel and fruits, such as lemon are cold pressed) and are of therapeutic quality. The cotton fabrics and beeswax are purely natural.
The candle contains an integrated filter that protects the ear and filters out particles retaining them within the ear candle. This ensures the application is reliable, clean and effective.

The ear candles are handmade in Germany.

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