FUSION Allergy Eye Drops 15x0.5ml

FUSION Allergy Eye Drops 15x0.5ml

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FUSION Allergy Eye Drops 15x1.5ml

Eye drops for treatment and prevention of allergic conjunctivitis symptoms.

- contains 1% Ectoin, a natural cell-protective molecule with membrane-strabilizing properties.
- is an isotonic solution and ca be used to alleviate and treat symptoms of allerfic conjunctivitis
- symptoms like itchy, red, or watery eyes can effectively be reduced

Ecotin, Sodium Chloride, Water, Citrate Buffer

If not otherwise prescribed by yout healthcare provider, apply 1-2 drops per eye several times a day.
If necessary, it can be used multiple times per hour.
Suitable for children of all ages.


Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use more than 3 months after opening.
Please do not share this medical device with other users.

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