Health Aid Vitamin C Powder 100% Pure 100g

Health Aid Vitamin C Powder 100% Pure 100g

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100% Pure Vitamin C Powder, ultra fine for easy absorption.

Vitamin C is necessary for healthy teeth, gums, bones, skin, cells, blood vessels and strong healthy connective tissues. It is essential for growth and promotes absorption of iron.
Vitamin C is readily extracted by the body and must be replaced as it is neither stored nor produced by the body.

100g pure Vitamin C powder (Ascorbic Acid BP)
Equivalent to 100 tablets each containing 1g of pure Vitamin C.

Dissolv 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon daily in 1/2 glass water or fruit juice. perferably after meals. Add sugar if desired.

Product not recommended for people with hyper stomach acidity without their practitioners consent.

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