Absolute Aromas Nutmeg 10ml

Absolute Aromas Nutmeg 10ml

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Method of Extraction:
The dried ripe seed of the fruit of an evergreen tree.

Sweet, spicy, warming aroma. Pale yellow to clear in colour.

Suggested uses:
Add 1 drop each of Nutmeg and Cinnamon Leaf and 3 drops of Mandarin to the water in an oil burner to create a wonderful, spicy room fragrance over the Festive season.
For a warming bath on a cold winters night, blend 1 drop each of Nutmeg, Benzoin and Geranium in 10ml of Peach Kernel oil, add to the water and soak in it for 10 minutes.

There are two main types of nutmeg; East Indian type, from Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and West Indian nutmeg, grown particularly in Grenada. The former is preferred for its higher aromatic value and richer body. Nutmeg is the dried ripe seed of the fruit of an evergreen tree. The husk of the seed is Mace, which can also be used to produce Mace essential oil. Nutmeg essential oil is complex to produce because a large proportion of the oil is fixed oil as opposed to essential oil. Great skill is therefore required in the production, which is reflected in the excellent quality of this Indonesian oil selected by Absolute Aromas.

Did you know?
The Egyptians frequently employed nutmeg in the embalming process.

Specific Safety Advice:
Do not use Nutmeg during pregnancy.

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