Absolute Aromas Cypress 10ml

Absolute Aromas Cypress 10ml

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cupressus sempervirens

Method of Extraction:
The leaves and twigs of the tree.

Clearing, stimulating and fresh. Pale yellowish to pale olive-greenish.

Suggested uses:
Due to its woody, balsamic smell, Cypress is used extensively in mens toiletries and is therefore popular as an ingredient in home-made blends. For a light, aftershave facial oil, blend 15ml of Jojoba oil with 2 drops of Cypress, 2 drops of Sandalwood and 1 drop of Bergamot. Apply sparingly. Cypress is strongly anti-septic and astringent.

Too enthusiastic at the gym?! Add 2 drops of Cypress, 2 drops of Rosemary and 1 drop of Lavender to a bowl of boiling water. Lay a folded flannel in the water, wring and place it on the aching area. (Always check the temperature first.) Alternatively, blend the above oils with a teaspoon of Peach Kernel oil and stir it into a warm bath.

The oil is produced from distillation of the leaves and twigs of the Cypress tree. Much of the production is from pruning the trees that are used as windbreaks in the Mediterranean area.

Did you know?
The Chinese consider the nuts very nutritious, and of benefit for chest complaints.

Specific Safety Advice:
Do not use Cypress during the first four months of pregnancy (and only on advice from a qualified aromatherapist thereafter) or with high blood pressure.


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