We Love The Planet Natural Deodorant Stick Display 3 x 6

We Love The Planet Natural Deodorant Stick Display 3 x 6

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Barcode: 8719324977500
Special order, delayed despatch  

Special order, delayed despatch

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The We Love cream deodorant consists of 100% natural ingredients. There are no synthetic substances and aluminum added so that the deodorant is not harmful to your body. Better for your body and the planet!

The natural ingredients in our deodorants have a soothing and hydrating effect. The soft cream is quickly absorbed into your skin and does not clog the pores. It helps you stay fresh in a natural way!

The Functioning
Each deodorant has a combination of beeswax, coconut oil and corn starch powder, among other things, that make the deodorant easy to spread and velvety to your skin. The deodorising effect comes from baking soda, which naturally neutralises odours. Each deodorant has its own scent due to the addition of various natural ingredients.

Content and usage:
Advice Each deodorant has a capacity of 65 grams, which you can use for 2 to 3 months with daily use. Lubricating a small amount once a day is sufficient for 24 hours of freshness. Do you perspire more, or do you have an active day? Feel free to apply extra; after all it is 100% natural!

We Love The Planet Display Contents:
6 x Lovely Lavender 65g (RRP £8.99)
6 x Sweet Serenity 65g (RRP £8.99)
6 x Original Orange 65g (RRP £8.99)



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