Panosun TickCard
 Panosun TickCardPanosun TickCard 

Panosun TickCard

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  • Protect Now From Tick Disease!
  • Credit Card Size
  • Removes ticks safely, quickly & correctly

Don't delay proper removal:
To minimise the risk of dangerous infections remove ticks safely, correctly and as soon as possible.
Check yourself and your family for ticks after outdoor pursuits.
Keep your TickCard handy.

Conventional methods of removing ticks can be dangerous:
Biologists found that squeezing, twisting or in any way stressing a tick increases the risk of it injecting harmfull agents into the bloodstream of its host, thus potentially causing serious disease.
Developed in co-operation with scientists and doctors specialising in tick-borne diseases, the patented TickCard utilises an entirely new principle: ticks are removed safely, quickly, and without the use of force. This helps avoid ticks releasing their dangerous microbes into the bloodstream.

Slip the notch of the TickCard under the tick.
Gently push the card forward and upward with steady even pressure.
Allow the tick to be pulled out of the skin easily and effortlessly.
Remove small, not yet engorged ticks and bee-stings with the smaller notch - it can also be used for thorns and splinters.

Ticks can carry damgerous substances in their saliva and body fluids.
Avoid touching removed ticks. Do not squash them between your finger nails.
Dispose of ticks safely.
If possible disinfect the bite area after removal, and wash your hands and TickCard with hot soapy water.

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