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Paradox Oil

The last 50 years have seen masses of research in the fields of fats and fatty acids. The overwhelming majority of this research suggests that there is a paradox in that two of the healthiest populations in the world, the Eskimos and the Mediterraneans, consume large quantities of fat in their diets – It is clear that these fats have to be good for you.

Recent research has shown that powerful antioxidants that are only found in abundance in extra virgin Olive Oil may be a key factor in improving health in many of the major body systems, eliminating the free radicals that can cause so much damage to healthy cells.

This is how ParadoxOil differentiates itself from other omega 3,6 and 9 supplements. The good fatty acids in ParadoxOil once absorbed into the body systems are stored alongside the powerful fat soluble antioxidants, which in turn prevent the oxidisation of these good fats, as well as mopping up those bad free radicals.

Believe it or not, in just one single bottle of Paradox Oil, you are getting the benefits of approximately 60 portions of Oily fish and 225 Jumbo Olives


Paradox Capsules

A unique blend of Omega 3,6&9 and powerful polyphenol antioxidants found in specially sourced extra virgin olive oil. They protect the omegas, keeping them strong and stopping the oil from oxidising and becoming ‘fishy’.


Paradox Omega Babies

Everyone knows that we don’t eat enough oily fish, but Omegas are even more important for growing babies and toddlers.

Paradox is a 100% natural source of Omega 3,6&9 specially formulated for babies and toddlers aged between 6 months and 6 years. Its unique formulation of deep sea fish oil, lemon oil and polyphenol antioxidants from extra vigin olive oil, means that it not only works harder inside them, it also tastes of nothing, so is easily concealed with food, yoghurts and smoothies.