At A.Vogel the cultivation and harvesting of herbal remedies as well as their production are transparent. All plants are cultivated according to the strict guidelines of BIO-SUISSE, i.e. without synthetic fertiliser, insecticides, herbicides or pesticides. Our plants are left to grow and mature until they reach their optimum potential. One section of each crop is not harvested to allow the seeds to ripen, ensuring that we obtain our own seed stock.

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Strengthen your immune system and fight the misery of colds and flu
Echinaforce Echinacea drops – a traditional herbal remedy used to relieve cold and flu symptoms
Echinaforce is made from extracts of fresh Echinacea  – shown by research* to contain almost 3 times the active substances of equivalent measures made from dried plants, which is why when it comes to fighting the miseries of colds and flu not all Echinaceas are the Same.

Tincture of Echinacea purpurea herb and root. 15 drops (0.6 ml) contain The equivalent of 285 mg whole fresh plant or 64.5 mg whole dried plant.
  • Adults and the elderly: 15 drops (0.6 ml) in a little water two to three times daily
  • Children (6-12years): 7 drops (0.3ml) in a little water two to three times daily.
  • Not for use in children under 6